COVID-19 Store Update 11-25-20

Customers. Friends. Family.

With the concerns of COVID-19, the utmost priority is ensuring all we can for safety.
Play Area & Events:
Our events are currently cancelled. We don't have a time frame on this, but hopefully Utah will get more under control soon. More details are pinned to the top of our Facebook page.
We are utilizing our discord to keep people in touch, coordinate events, & run Arena events. By all means, join us on there!
Feel free to contact us with ANY question regarding our events.

For Customers with Trade-Ins:
We updated our policy to be a contact free drop off trade-in. We will have you place items in a box, and we will hold the items for two full business days before we process them. This will allow customers to spend a more limited time in the store, and reduce the employee risk of contamination. We will decline taking product that is clearly in an unsanitary state. As this policy is more inconvenient, we have been offering a 25% store credit trade boost, however, that boost will be ending on Christmas Eve (12/24/20). The drop off policy will remain for as long as we deem it responsible.

Capacity & Accessibility:
Facemasks are required for employees, players, and customers. Please practice social distancing as best you can as well. We ask you to please be courteous of browsing time, and we are happy to assist you in finding anything you need in the store. We are still offering curbside pickup, for credit card orders only. For more information please call 801-621-4752.

We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and provide updates as we are able. With the continued concerns that are happening both globally and locally this is the best course of action that we are taking.

In the meantime, we appreciate your continued understanding and support.

From all of us at Gamers Asylum




Visiting Kaldheim Soon!

Prerelease 1/29 - 2/4

Release 2/5

Launch Party 2/6 - 2/7

Friday Night Magic 2/5 - 4/9

Commander Nights 2/8 - 4/15

I'm excited to see this Norse themed set as much as anyone, but of course, just because it's a new year, doesn't mean we are out of the woods of a pandemic.
Any events are still very much "up in the air" and we will keep you informed.


Walking Dead #1 15th Anniversary Gamers Asylum EXCLUSIVE Variant!


Now that The Walking Dead has come to an end, complete your collection with this issue #1 15th anniversary reprint Gamers Asylum variant!

We will be the ONLY official source to pick up this exclusive variant!

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