• Friday Night Magic 7/13-9/28 FREE!
    Ogden: 6PM Commander, Standard, Brawl, and Modern
    Brigham: 5:30PM Standard, Brawl
  • Magic League 7/17-8/7 $10 Entry / $3.25 Packs
    Ogden: Mondays 6PM
    Brigham: Tuesdays 5:30PM 
  • Standard Showdown 7/25-9/6 FREE!
    Ogden: Wednesdays 6PM
    Brigham: Thursdays 5:30PM
  • Store Championship 9/15 $5
    Ogden: Sat 6/23 2PM & 7PM
    Brigham: Sat 6/23 3PM

  • Open House 6/30 FREE!
    Ogden: Sat 6/30 3PM
    Brigham: Sat 6/30 3PM
  • Prerelease 7/7-7/8 $20
    Ogden: Sat 7/7 Midnight, 2PM, 7PM. Sun 7/8 2PM & 7PM.
    Sat 7/7 Midnight, 2PM, 7PM
  • Draft Weekend 7/14 $14
    Ogden: Sat 7/14 3PM
    Brigham: Sat 7/14 5PM

Age of Sigmar War for Souls!

The War for Souls begins!

Join us in celebrating the new edition of Age of Sigmar by participating in our Age of Sigmar Growth League.

Whether you’re an experience veteran of Games Workshop’s Age of Sigmar, or a newcomer just looking to start playing in the new edition, we welcome you to participate in our new casual league.

Stop by the store for details and to register. Registration runs from today until August 12th  and the league itself starts on the 13th of August and goes until November 17th.

Ogden Demo Tables & Upcoming Events

We are improving our calendar and running more events starting in August.
We also will be more consistently using our demo tables.

Current demo tables feature: Dragon Castle & Stuffed Fables!