Season of Theros

What is the Season of Theros?
The Season of Theros is an in-store event running
from January 17th to April 16th. You accumulate points
by attending and winning in MtG Events. More points will
give you more prizes!

Season of Theros


$5 Entry
Every 10 Points Drawing into Prize Pool
At 35 points $5 in-store credit
Top 5 will get placement rewards

Placement Rewards:**
1st Place
1 Box of Ikoria Lair of Behemoths
2nd Place Ikoria Bundle or a Commander Deck
3rd Place Prerelease for Ikoria
or Half off a Commander Deck
4th Place Prerelease for Ikoria
or Half off a Commander Deck
5th Place Prerelease for Ikoria
or Half off a Commander Deck

Prize Pool Contents:
Coupons for MTG Singles
Deck Boxes
Promo Packs
Booster Packs
& more!!
At minimum we will give out prizes equal to number of entrants

How  to get points
Attendance Points:*
Exponential Growth with weekly attendance
1 Event – 0
2 Events – +1
3 Events – +2
4 Events – +3
5 Events – +4
So 5 events is 10 points each week
Events: Draft, Standard, Pioneer, Brawl & Friday
Friday is either Modern or Commander, not both.  
Commander only counts once, regardless of pods played in 

Winning Points:
Mon: Draft +5
Wed: Standard +3
Thurs: Pioneer +2
Fri: Modern +2
Fri: Commander Pod +1
Sat: Brawl +2
Pre-Release +3

Event Bonus Points:
Standard Participation +1
Draft Participation +3
Pre-Release Participation +2
Special Double Point events!

Attended Most Modern Events +2
Attended Most Standard Events +5
Attended Most Brawl Events +3
Attended Most Draft Events +8
Attended Most Pioneer Events +3
Attended Most Commander Events +2

*Minimum of 8 people must attend the event for it to fire and be counted for points. Weeks run Mon-Sun except the first week (1/17-1/19) & last week (4/13-4/16) of the season, due to pre-release events.

**In case of tie, the winner will be whoever won the most events overall. In further case of tie, whoever attended most events overall. Any further tie each player will be rewarded.


Season of Theros Leaderboard

  • 68 Christian Provencio
  • 60 Trevor Knight
  • 54 Justin Slone
  • 27 Jordan Wanlass
  • 19 Robert Estel
  • 17 Julian Miranda
  • 17 Kyle Collier
  • 12 Ryan Kenney
  • 11 Christian Bussiere
  • 9 Taylor Bess
  • 8 Nick Baxter
  • 7 Nathan Mason
  • 6 Caroline Stevenson
  • 5 Jason Miller
  • 4 Ford Parker
  • 2 Desmond Hofer
  • 0 Terry Ezell

Last Updated: 03/08/20